Our permanent call is directed at international artists and academic researchers who want to work on topics related to art and framed by ideas of autonomy such as those shaping contemporary movements in Chiapas and Mexico.

We accept individuals or groups of maximum ten participants. Usually, the programme has a duration of 15 days. However, shorter or longer stays are also available. The starting dates are agreed with each individual or group.

The contents of the program are adjusted to the needs and interests of each individual or group of participants. We offer a series of seminars, meetings, experiences, excursions, and moments of creation and collective work facilitated by GIAP (Research Group in Art and Politics, founded in 2013 by Natalia Arcos and Alessandro Zagato) and other local invitees (artists, gallerists, researchers, and activists). Our aim is to explore forms of resistant art, in a context like Chiapas, where Mayan and revolutionary traditions inspire us daily.

Participants are provided with accommodation in the heart of San Cristóbal de las Casas, one of the most ancient colonial towns in America. It is rich in history, architecture, languages, and forms of life.

To apply, please send us an email to correogiap@gmail.com, attaching your CV, a brief description of your work and a paragraph on why you consider it important to participate in this program.