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«IN (SELF -) DEFENSE OF GIRAFFES: Arts and Resistance in Chiapas».

Residency program, 10 – 22 November

«In (self-) defense of Giraffes: Arts and Resistance in Chiapas» is an International Collective Residency organized by GIAP, which will take place in San Cristobal de la Casas, Chiapas, in November 2018.

This residency program takes its name from a famous communique written by Subcomandante Marcos in 2004. It will be a collective space for reflection and creation inspired by contexts of resistance where it is necessary to produce other aesthetic, epistemological, and creative paradigms.

We have many questions and we are looking for answers: How can art resist frivolous trends dictated by markets and art-industries? How can we break with the power of the contemporary art system? What forms of resistant aesthetics and poetics, can inspire our creation? Can an emancipated artistic practice inspire –or be organic to- a transformative social movement? Can we turn art into a tool for rebellion?

This residency program proposes a series of seminars, meetings, experiences, and moments of creation and collective work facilitated by GIAP (Research Group in Art and Politics founded in 2013 by Natalia Arcos and Alessandro Zagato) and other local invitees (artists, gallerists, researchers, and activists.) Our aim is to explore forms of resistant art, in a context like Chiapas where Mayan and revolutionary traditions inspire us daily.

The Residency includes:

15 nights of accommodation

13 Working days

Transfers to field sites

Access to GIAP’s media library and art collection

Working area

Some meals

The program does not include flights to and from Chiapas.

> Participation fees are covered by each artist / researcher. We can send invitation letters, participation certificates and invoices, when needed.

There are 15 places available.

GIAP will grant a local indigenous artist with a full scholarship to participate in the residency.

>To apply, please send us an email to, attaching your CV, a brief description of your work and a paragraph on why you consider it important to participate in this program. The deadline is September 30, 2018. Also, you can contact us here: 





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